Friday, April 26, 2013


I feel like chicken shit on a farm this week.....I'm all over the place! so here's a brief recap of the hits and misses of the week so far.
Tuesday after going public w/ my intentions of running the Philly marathon I promptly sat out Tuesdays run........
In my defense I will cite exhaustion from Sundays exploits at Union Transfer and the Killing Joke  show as the reason,asides from being on my feet for the best part of three hours it was 12.25am when I rolled in and was up again by 5.25am the following morning,it's funny that shit used to come naturally like water off a ducks back in my 20's and maybe even my 30's  but at almost 50 now it takes its toll and maybe I need to examine my clubbin'/giggin' schedule this summer in the build up to Philly.

Wednesday another warm afternoon like last Wednesday but this time I'd didn't wilt under the heat and ran my fastest  time to date on the out and back loop....more of that to come in a few mins.....

Thursday another day missed but unlike recent months whenI've rolled in at 2.50am from a nite of clubbin and then become almost a fixture on the recliner I was actually up and very mobile yesterday,it's amazing the change of attitude now that I've set my mind to training for the marathon.
Sadly my hopes of running were flushed down the karsie as I spent over an hour pissballing around w/ my laptop trying to get internet access,I won't bore you w/ the details but b4 I knew it was later than I wanted but I moved some things around so that his afternoon when I get home from work I'll be able to run instead,thus keeping me on track for another 30 mile week.

A few firsts this week,my first verbal volley at a only took 6 days! I realize I disappear when I turn sideways but I was more than visible when I left the curb on the corner of 58th & Cedar b4 you acted like friggin' Mario Andretti in the Indy 500 trying to get a jump start on the field,nobody on that intersection was left to wonder my feelings on the matter!!
Lost my first toenail....I feel like a real runner now,that telltale scarlet discolouring beneath my toenail told me all I need to know,one down,nine to go!!
Remember that splinter I talked about last week? friggin thing was stuck in my heal for 9 days b4 I was able to pull it out,it was almost a meter long,I kept pulling it and it kept coming like when a magician pulls a handkerchief out and it's followed by another one,then another one....
My first verbal abuse from Joe Public, as a runner I know it goes w/ the territory,if I had a dollar for everytime I've heard"Run Forest Run" since "Forest Gump was released in 94 I'd be loaded by now.
I found the 'run faster faggot' comment amusing since it  came from a drunken frat boy from Upenn ,frankly I expect better abuse from an Ivy League educated student,if that's the best you've got you better pay mum and dad back some of their Ivy League college tuition fees,and how's my sexual preference being questioned here,you're the one up on a roof top w/ a dozen frat brothers drinking beer w/ your shirts off???
Oh and for what it's worth your bullshit lead me to a 59.06 time 48 seconds faster than Monday.....go fuck yourself and good luck find a job when you graduate.....wanker!


David said...

I really did laugh out loud reading that post Kevin!

kevin f forde said...

Glad you enjoyed it Dave,any part in particular you found amusing?!!