Monday, April 22, 2013

Game On

Back to back 6 milers on the weekend....I know.....this is getting serious....finally! actually beginning to feel like a runner and not some imposter walking around in running gear as has been the case of late.
In fairness there have been a few weekends in the recent past I did get my arse out the door on both a Saturday and Sunday.....but even then it was only to loop around Clark Park this weekend I continued to reintroduce myself to the Schuylkill's about to become my office for the next several months

It was my plan to get a semi early start on Saturday rather than fall into the old trap of sitting on the recliner playing "catch up" w/ my dvr which has been the problem the last several weeks/months and to that end I got a little help from "Postman Pat"
When I arrived home on Friday I had a "we tried to deliver" card in my mail which meant getting over to the local post office on 52nd & Kingsessing b4 12pm on Saturday,not the worst thing in the world as it would get me up and dressed.....two things not necessarily happening in recent months and also I figured the walk there and back would get the blood flowing b4 the run.....the briskness of the morning air if nothing else woke me up!
It's been a long time since I've done the out and back on a Saturday  a day that's been reserved for track repeats{and will be again in a few weeks time once I get my wheels back under me}and I was relishing a  clear run along Spruce St to the South St bridge once I cut in from Baltimore Ave at 35th St unlike during the week when I run into all the UPENN  HUP and CHOP pedestrian traffic......only to catch the tailend of a UPENN pep rally, that said the rhythmic drumming helped w/ the cadence of my running so no harm no foul there....and the cheerleaders looked cute also!!!
Marginally slower than  Thursdays time by 58 seconds but still quicker than what I ran on Tue and Wed......

Sundays run was always going to  go one of two ways,due to the scheduling gods  the Spurs Man City game was kicking off 8.30am here and I planned to run after the final whistle around 10.30am give or take.
A defeat and Spurs could pretty much kiss their Champions League hopes goodbye and I'd be running angry,a win and we'd keep the pressure on North London rivals arsenal and fellow Londoners chelski for one of the two last available Champions League spots, a three way battle and bragging rights across London would ensure running inspired.......
For 75 minutes it looked like I'd be doing my best John Lydon "anger is an energy" impression as the Lillywhites trailed 1.0......and then just like that bang!bang!!bang!!!  three goals in the space of under 7 minutes meant Spurs won 3.1 we're still in w/ a shot of Champions League footie next season and lo and behold yours truly ran his fastest time of the week!!.
Six days in running can be a long time on Tuesday when I went out hard and reached the Lloyd Hall turnaround in 29.44 I folded on the inbound leg to clock 63.07,not today made the turn in 29.41 and finished in 60.04,little by little it's getting to repeat all of what I managed this week next week beginning tomorrow.

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