Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Play Ball....Or Not!

I had hoped the beginning of April would herald the start of a return to serious training however not  for the first time yesterday fatigue won the battle of the day forcing me to sit this one out.
For the past several weeks although thankfully in waves and not in a constant I've been suffering what could best be described as a mild form of insomnia,some nites I only sleep for a few hours or not at all,those nites are particularly brutal as I then spend the next day feeling like a Zombie and frankly running when I get home rates somewhat lower on the "to do" list.

Case in point Sunday I went to bed at 11pm but never felt like I fell asleep,I got up at 2.20am to watch tv till 3am and tried again to fall asleep....no dice!
Up again at 4am to watch tv till 5am where not for the first time in recent weeks I got dressed and left for work early since my regularly scheduled wake up time is 5.25am,yeah it's great I'm getting to work at 6am or 6.15am instead of 6.25am when I normally get here but the lack of sleep is killing me,I got home at 4pm and even though I wanted to get changed and  head out to run instead I slumped into the recliner,in fact I was so tired I ended up sleeping on the living room floor from 9.30pm till 2.30am where I then tossed and turned for three hours till the trust alarm sounded at 5.25am.
Five hours sleep at least should be enough to get my out running this evening.

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