Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shake It Up

It was a toss up between The Cars "Shake It Up" or Staind "Brake The Cycle" for the title for this run.
After weeks if not months of looping around Clark Park I felt it was time to......shake it up and opted for my old 6 mile out and back run down to the Schuylkill Banks and out to Lloyd Hall b4 turning and back.

While it's officially Spring it was still half zip fleece and running pants for yours truly although I did dispense w/ the ski hat and gloves....hopefully I won't need them again anytime b4 November/December.
It felt good to get back to this route,once I hit the Banks it's a lot more runner friendly and it helps to have targets out on the run to pull me along.

A major plus today was that since I last ran this route they've finished the footbridge over the Conrail tracks at Locust Point where the Banks start,they were constructing it whenever I  cut through Millward Gardens last,no more sprinting to beat the gates closing as the CSX freight train makes its way along the tracks,no more standing waiting for the gates to open or having to take the stairs on the Locust St bridge.

Felt I got a lot more out of today's run than alot of my numerous loops around Clark Park of late,maybe it's all psychosomatic but it did feel good to shake up what may've become a stale routine,onwards....

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