Monday, October 13, 2014

Fields Of Fire

Third preview of the Club Nationals 10K XC course at Lehigh yesterday morning.
Following Saturdays rain I could've been forgiven for feeling some trepidation driving up route 309 to Quakertown at 7.30am but I needn't have worried,the sun was out even if the temps were a brisk 39 degrees at 8.30am pulling into the parking lot.
I wish I'd had a camera when we arrived as the sight of the fog rolling off the fields looked pretty spectacular although note to self when I return next month for the final preview of the course in early to mid November gloves and running tights might be the way to go.

I feel I could run the 10k course w/ my eyes closed now.....I won't as it's probably NOT the way to go for a xc race...or frankly a run of any kind but I do feel I now know the course well enough now after three preview runs plus running part of it on the Paul Short 8k course last week.
Only myself Chuck and Bill this month but what we lacked in numbers we made up for w/ raw gusto and clipped of sub 8 mins miles w/ Bill and i dropping the last two under 7.20 pace b4 knocking out the first  four miles of the Paul Short 8k course to round oput an even ten miles for the day.

Two weeks till the New Jersey XC 8K C'ships hopefully I'll be firing on all cylinders by then,had to settle for a three day/thirty mile week this week as a couple of days got away from me but I feel I'm closing in on to full blown training mode.

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