Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hup Two Three Four,I Love Marine Corp

Not the back to back 10 milers I had hoped for but none the less two 10 milers for the week as I need to take care of business tonite over 12 miles to stay on pace for a 5 day 50 mile week.
Another delightfully sunny afternnon at 73 degrees,I feel I should treat each one of these as if they might be the last,w/ the clocks going back on November 2nd time is against me for continuing my runs in daylight.

Nothing much to report on this run,a fairly bog standard 10 mile run out and back along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive,making the turn b4 St Joe's Boathouse,I did notice that yestereday as like Monday there were a handful of rowers out on the Schuylkill,I'm guessing their days are numbered also,while I have the fallback of being able to add layers of running clothes to conbat the change of season I can't imagine those guys and girls rowing when the temps start to drop,Friday,Saturday and Sunday will see a dramatic dip from low 70s to low 60s.....I get chills just thinking about it!!!!

It may well be off season in terms of training but judging from my foul mouth/hand jesture tirade a mile from home I'm in mid season form......
I have a REAL issue w/ drivers who blatently ignore street signs,case in point at 39th St it's a right hand turn onto Baltimore Ave at the lights.......which CLEARLY state "No Turn On Red Light".... so it's not too much to expect I've got "safe passage" crossing 39th St........
Cue Phillys answer to bloody Danica Patrick who feels not only is the red light non applicable to her but the actual red light doesn' apply for the runner trying to cross the road I guess he can go fuck himself?????
It's amazing the speed one can pick up even at mile 9 of a run not to mention the lung capacity one has to let rip a verbal bollocking of Black Hearted Celtic Paganesque style when catching up w/ a fuckwit at the next red light......YEAH you blew a red light to sit at the next red light.......ARESHOLE!!!!!

Here's hoping for a incident free run this evening......

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