Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No More Lazyitis

No excuses I've been a lazy prick the last few weeks hence the lack of blog entries due to not running,a lack of motivation if I'm being honest after a long season from January thro mid September I opted to take off a few weeks to recharge the batteries I pretty much knew getting my butt kicked at Paul Short on Saturday would serve as motivation to get off the recliner and get back into the swing of things and w/ that I had a whole new outlook and attitude yesterday.

Easy 10 miler to jump start the week,since it;s now officially Fall I opted to ditch the sleeveless running shirt although at 71 degrees I probably could've gotten away w/ it but lets face it come months end I'm probably going to be digging out my long sleeve running shirts and three quarter length bottoms anyway so best to leave the sleeveless shirts in  closet till Spring.......besides it allowed me the opportunity to wear an old Spurs soccer jersey......Yid Army always representin'!!!!!!

Out the door by 4.20pm I want to enjoy however many more days like this 71 and sunny I've got,the clocks will be going back soon which will bollocks up training for a few months so I want to make hay while the sunshines.....literally.....the sun that is I have no need for hay muchless a desire to make any!!!
A few years ago the city reconstructed South St bridge and not long after that began working on a footpath along the Schuylkill River from the bridge to the foot of the Schuylkill Banks it's officially open now so it affords me quicker access to the Banks and not having to cut through Markward Gardens.....although I'm sure it'll be a real treat running that close to the river in the dead of winter!!!

Considering my lack of running of late Sept 17th being my last run along the Schuylkill at 8 miles b4 an easy 10 up at Lehigh on the 21st I didn't feel too rusty which is good since I have another 10 miler on tap this afternoon b4 a 12 miler tomorrow,no more excuses,no more lazyitis I have 9 weeks to get ready for Club Nationals which will then roll into Indoor Track season.......

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