Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You Can Stick Your Poxy Phone Service Up Your Arse Verizon!!!!!!!

Some of my regular readers will no doubt recall a post back on March 20th of last year where yours truly went on a paganesque rant about those pricks over at Verizon,here's the cliff notes:
After taking over a month to connect my phone after moving to Yid Central I then got lumbered w/a phone bill in excess of $700 for International calls......despite having an International calling plan since the only people I speak to on the dog and bone are my mother,brother and sister all of whom reside on that side of the Atlantic Ocean.
After several terse bouts of "he said/she said" w/ Prickson they sent me a bill for $475 which I refused to pay and they promptly shut my phone off....that should've been my cue to switch to a cell/smart phone but me being me I didn't even though I refused to use Prickson for my International calls and using Penny Talk but still being charged $30 a month for a phone I hardly use other than my weekly phone call to my Mother and my monthly heart to hearts w/ "Our Kid" and the periodic chats w/ my big sis........

Arriving home on Sunday following my 10 miler at Lehigh I was anxious to call my mother since she had a hospital visit on Wednesday and I was eager to hear the outcome........no dice,no dial tone it didn't take a genius to figure out that phone had been shut off and lo and behold first thing Monday morning at work after calling my mother to check she was ok and explain why I hadn't phoned like I always do on Sundays I dialed my number.........beep beep beep,this number has been taken out of service.......
REALLY????? here's my bone of contention w/ Prickson,send me a bill and I'll pay it that's how it works,PGW send me a copy of my bill each month and I pay it everybodys happy,they get paid I get gas and hot water but Prickson stopped sending me bills{the last one I got was when they wanted $475.....surprize surfuckin' prize.....}sure now and again I'd get an automated message telling me my bill was past due and I'd promptly pay them but this time they didn't and felt duty bound to suspend my services.......
GUESS WHAT??????  I'm done w/ this Mickey Mouse bullshit.......oh don't get me wrong I'll send them the $140 I owe them......at $20 a month but after much thought on the matter I've ellected to finally join the 21st century and get a smartphone.......what;s next start dating again........easy Tiger one major life changing event at a time!!!!!!

Prickson can shove their phone and their service up their arse in a few days time I'll have my smartphone,I'll be able  make my transatlantic calls from wherever I am rather rushing home plus I can finally post photos from my travels.....as I type "Mrs Mad Cat" aka Precious is no doubt looking for an agent as she expects to become an Internet sensation w/ all the photos I'll take of her......it's all good!!!
I should've kicked Prickson to the curb two years ago when they fucked me over the International charges but I didn't but this time around I'm done playing,it's not that they shut my phone off{they actually did me a favour!}it's the fact I didn't get so much as a "your bill is past due" message on the phone muchless a phone bill in the mail so guess what???????SEE YA ARESHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since this is a running blog not a vent my spleen about Prickson blog yesterdays run was a 10 miler!
Despite the rain I made sure to get out there and kick the week off on the right foot,baseball cap,rain jacket and three quarter length bottoms were the order of the day.
In fairness at 63 degrees running in the rain isn't that big of a deal but also I feel I've reached a "now or never" mark in my off season training I need to knuckle down and start cranking out 50 mile weeks b4 it's too late.
10 mile run check,order new Smartphone check,dumping Prickson for good CHECK!!!!!

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