Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Roundabouts & Swings/Cliff Notes

Ok,starter for ten I didn't run off and join the Circus.....why would I when I can fuckin' work in one EVERY DAY!!!!!
Even if I wanted to blog last week I doubt I could have as it was "Crocodiles Up The Arse" busy on the dock every day.
Not for the first time in recent years my boss and I chose to see things differently regarding the day to day operations of the dock and the storeroom......let's just say my name for her now is "Mother Theresa"{actually it's MFT.....Mother Fuckin' Theresa!!!} as she always goes to bat for the storeroom staff who frankly if "brains were dynamite couldn't blow their hats off" nor "work their way out of a wet paper bag" and one more cos I'm on a roll "could fuck up a Teddy Bears Picnic".........
There I've vented I feel far better........you maybe thinking "but McPhisto why not just run your troubles off which would have been ideal sadly I spent nine days on the DL due to a knee problem.

Following my easy 10 miler on Thur Oct 16th my right knee was killing me,what had been a minor irritation for a few days{on a scale of 1 to 10 a 2 or 3} now became an 8 I couldn't bend it in or out w/out extreme pain,going up or down steps proved difficult and impossible w/out the use of a hand rail/bannister so clearly running on it was out of the question.
I invested in one of those Copper Fit knee sleeves you see advertised on the tv all the time and between that,some rest and a daily application of ice it's back to a 1 or 2 on the discomfort scale so let's hope whatever the problem was it's gone.

I raced Sunday at the New Jersey 8K XC C'ships at Peapark it was a challenging course compared to the 8K course over at Dear Path Park I'd raced on twice b4 but the good news is my knee held up and who knows if my off season hadn't been blighted w/ so many stops and starts so far my 71st place finish in a field of almost 300 might've been higher.
31.07.02  16 seconds slower than the Paul Short 8K I ran on Oct 4th but all things considered I was pleased.....I'd have been happier if I could've finished in the medals but had to make do w/ 4th in the 50-54 age group 3rd finished the race 5 places ahead of me in 65th to my 71st......such are the margins between victory and defeat but considering the knee issue and the fact that 8k is about 6k above my comfort zone I can't be too bent out of shape.

So I think we're all caught up I recently lost You Tube privileges on my pc at work which lead me to downloading Chrome on my pc and Bingo I now have You Tube....however w/ Chrome I don't have my library of pictures to gussy up ye olde blog.....which means I'll have to sharpen up my writing skill I guess as I can't rely on photos to lure you in dear readers......however w/ Chrome I now have Spell Check back so hopefully the typos will be less.....and I can also go back and correct mistakes w/out having to delete the whole sentence/paragraph which was also an issue......I's still like the photos but I'm not Barbie I can't have it all!!!!!

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