Thursday, December 18, 2014

Better Late Than Never Right?

I would have prefered to have gotten my week underway on Monday....not only is it better to jump start things that way in case "shit jumps off" during the week but ever the hopeless romantic I liked the symmetery December 15th for my first post fall/off season run to January 15th..... my first scheduled race of the Indoor season.......sadly that wasn't to be,work the great bane of my exsistence not only went sideways Monday & Tuesday but also back to front,inside out and upside down,it's a piss poor reflection on the nature of my job that I can't stop and eat when it's "all hands on deck" on the dock and by the time I get home I'm thinking more about making dinner than going out to run....

Thankfully yesterday the merry go round that is my job slowed down enough so that NOT ONLY was my daily intake of food more than two Rice Crispy treats and a bag of Cheese & Almonds but I ALSO got an actual LUNCH HOUR ......"Shock Horror Probe....Forde In Lunch Hour Sensation" Film At Eleven......hard to tuck into your Tuna Sandwich w Piers Morgan looking for an exclusive interview!!!!!!!!

Sutably fed and not Fed Up for a change I go home around 4pm and got ino my running  gear,foul tempered Loading Dock Foreman by day,mild mannered runner by afternoon and evening,the metamorphosis is truly amazing.......yeah yeah I know Super Heroes are meant to wear my three quarter length running tights under my wam up pants count?????
I opted for an 8 miler,the original plan for the week was 6,6,8,6,14 w/ Tuesday and Saturdays 6s being track laid plans,mice & men yada yada yada......much to my chagrin I'll have to selve one of my repeats but can now potentially go:8,6,6,6,14 and still go 5days/40mpw but have to make do w/ only one set of repeats for the week NOT  habit I want to get into but sometimes making the best of a bad situation is the best you can hope for.

50 degrees in mid December......that's pretty fuckin' amazing although there was a bastard wind whipping up off of the Schuylkill at the end of Boathouse Row.....mercifully I only had 3/4s of a mile b4 the turnaround for a 4 miler to deal w/ it.
If felt good to be back out there running having taken last week off in the build up to Club Nationals and while it was an easy run it didn't mean I took it easy on those who pissed me off,I'm waiting for the lights to change on Spruce St at the traffic lights and "Lance Armstrong" decides "red lights don't apply to him".......he's lucky he only got a mouthful of the verbal varity IF this had happened on Tuesday I think the scene in the Emergency Room at HUP would have resembled"incoming cyclist w/ the handlebars of his bike rammed up his arse"...... to quote an old "Calvin & Hobbes"
Triffle Not W/ Tired Tigers.......AND DON'T PISS ME OFF!!!!!

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