Monday, December 29, 2014

Going Long {Track Version}

W/ an easy 6.5 miler on Friday to get any lingering crap out of my legs from Thursdays 8x800m repeats I was back to the track on Saturday for part two of my long week of repeats 10x1,000m.
Arriving at Geasey Field at 1.05pm my first thought was "oh shit I'm over dressed!!!"
Not sure what the official temprature was but frankly I could've gotten away w/ short sleeves and shorts it was that warm,as it was I made do w/ my 3/4 length shorts and my long sleeved shirt w/ the arms rolled up.
Following my mile warm up it was out of my running shoes into my racing flats,let's see what I've got......

#1 1000m
A brisk start,wasn't sure how realistic 1.20-1.20-35=3.15 pace was times ten......guess I'd find out!!

#2 1000m
Roundabouts and swings.....I was close to target pace

#3 1000m
By now 3.20 pace was looking more realistic,something to ponder/tinker w/ over the coming weeks...

#4 1000m
Almost identical to #2 if nothing else I was consistant.

#5 1000m
If this had been 5x1,000m at sub 3.20 I'd have been delighted......however I was only half way done

#6 1000m
The "wisdom" to go w/ ten times one thousand suddenly seemed foolhardy but "in for a penny,in for a pound" they say

#7 1000m
Predictably things were slowing down but I wasn't planning on "mailing it in"whatever I did today would be a benchmark moving forward.

#8 1000m
If it killed me and it was beginning to feel like it might I was hell bent on not going over 3.25.....

#9 1000m
Nine down one to go,like any set of repeats there's always a feeling of "light at the end of the tunnel" when the last one comes around.........

#10 1000m
Gotta ya!

All in all a good workout if I say so myself,it was never ideal to return to the track w/in two days of my 8x800m repeats but that was the hand I was dealt this week,hopefully in coming weeks a more "user friendly" Tuesday/Saturday rotation will present it's self.
Nothing slower than 1.25 on the second 400m,2 38s 1 39 on the closing 200s and nothing slower than 3.25.3 this wasn't too bad a start and while I second guessed myself after  #5 having the balls to get all ten in means next time out I'll know I can do it.....of course that means there are NO excuses not to but I'll cross,burn,jump,paint that bridge when the time comes.......

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