Friday, December 26, 2014

Grinch Repeats On Xmas Day

For those of you who don't know me that well,or well enough you maybe surprised to learn not only do I dislike the holidays w/ a passion but I tend NOT to honour them or celebrate them either.                  When I was younger but old enough for it to make an impression on me my late father once said,and I quote"Xmas is what you make it,if you want to go the whole nine yards,Tree,Lights,Decorations etc that's fine..........but if you want to treat it just like any other day that's ok too" As has been my won't for most of my adult life I've gone w/ that latter,don't get me wrong I wish I felt differently about this time of year......but I don't IF you're one of the masses who choses to celebrate it that's fine.....afterall  that is your choice but I prefer to avoid at all costs SO w/ the prospect of a day off on a weekday what better way to spend it than on the track getting the first of my two repeats in.  I was somewhat surprised to find half a dozen more likeminded people on the Geasy Field track between 11.05 am and 12.30 pm when I conducted my 8x800m repeats. 8x800m is a new repeat for me,replacing the old 6x600m repeat that has served/tortured me for the past eight to nine years. Following a mile warm up it was "have at it time" given it was a first repeat I didn't know what to expect,1.20/1.25=2.45 felt fair for openers......Iwas to be proven very wrong!!!! #1 800m 1.12-1.16=2.38.2 Wow leave it to me to shoot myself in the foot right off the bat!!!!! #2 800m 1.19-1.17=2.36.3 This was more of what I had in mind realativly even splits......#3 800m 1.18-1.19=2.37.6 So far so good getting the opening 400m at sub 1.20....#4 800m 1.20-1.16=2.36.8 Clearly "flying too close to the sun"on the opening 400m jolted me on the second lap,half way there.#5 800m 1.19-1.18=2.37.5 When 2.37 is your slowest repeat and you thought you'd be looking at 2.45 you're doing something right!!! #6 800m 1.18-1.17=2.35.4 Gotta love negative splits!!!! #7 800m 1.18-1.19=2.37.3 Seven down,one to go.....was that opening lap of 1.12 waiting to derail my day???? #8 800m 1.19-1.16=2.35.8 cop that in the bollocks!!!! Delighted is one way to reflect this workout,clearly I sold myself short on the 1.20/1.25 splits but when I next step on he track for 8x800m repeats I'll do so w/ 1.20/1.20 as my goal Not a bad mornings work,while I'm no stranger togetting a run in on Xmas Day this was my first repeat on December 25th....maybe not my last..... 

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