Tuesday, December 2, 2014

There's A Lot To Be Said For The Same Old Same Old

Another Monday,another 10 miler to kick the week off .....although this is probably the last Monday 10 miler for the forseeable future.
Next week I'll be quasi tapering for Club Nationals on the Saturday,the plan is to go 9,9,8 Monday thro Wednesday b4 a pair of days off then 10 miles the day of Club Nationals{2 mile warm up,6 mile race,2 mile cool down} w/ a traditional Sunday long run over 14 miles to round out another 5 day/50 mile week......and w/ that drop back down to 40 mpw as I begin to prep for the upcoming 2015 track season......but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Took full advantage of the mild temps{58 degrees} which meant bandana,half zip and three quarter length bottoms for the run....I suspect I won't be as fortunate the rest of the week but hey "One Day At A Time"
The forecast said a 60% chance of showers,I hummed and harred about a baseball cap......rolled the dice, said feck it and went w/out........so imagine my "joy" as I stood at the lights waiting to cross South St bridge as the rain began to fall.......glass half full rain when it's 58 degrees ten times better than rain at 40 degrees.....

A decent number of runners out there which always makes me feel less neurotic when I'm out there
"You Are Not Alone".....God bless the whole ''Birds Of A Feather Stick Together" mindset!!!
The only issue I had was my right big toe,in my last two races my right foot big toe has bothered me post race,not sure if it's gotten jammed into the toe box of my xc spikes but post race it's sore as shit,my go w/ my old track spikes for Club Nationals to avoid a three peat.....but if that's the biggest issue I've got right now it's small potatos

I've always said when I'm fiesty then I'm running well and w/ a purpose, my two standard Born Again Black Hearted Pagan Anti Social comments when running tend to be:
"I can piss faster than you drive" to the Slow Moe Joes of this world.....on the other end of the scale
"No no it's only a red light" to the Mario Andretti's of this world who feel red stop lights DON'T apply to them
Creeping up there though is the "No No, I'll go around you shall I???" to the phone obsessed aresholes of this world who can't be dragged away from saidphone screen.......
Here's a tweet for you!!!!
Holy Shit!!! some runner just knocked me arse over tit and kept on running.....#didnotseehimcoming
Look arsehole it's pitch black at 5.35pm,it's raining so my visability is compromised to begin w/ so maybe if you could watch where you're going that'd be a HUGE  help.......

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