Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Squeezing One In

Based on the way last week unfolded while I worked shorthanded and my  experience last year in the week of Xmas I pretty much resigned myself to being SOL for any sort of running Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday.
I ended up having to write Monday off anyway, that one last trip to Piggy Post Office to mail off my final overseas gift plus another trip to Aldi for Xmas dinner since my hopes of snagging a Stoufers Vegtable Lagsana for my dinner on Thursday went "tits up" on my travels over the weekend.....maybe I should've gone to a local Mall and sat on Santa's lap and asked for a Vegtable Lagsana.....but frankly if I was willing to degrade myself to that extent the "hot and tasty dish" of my choice for the holidays would've been something more than a Vegtable Lagsana.......if you catch my drift....nudge nudge,wink wink,say no more squire!!!!!!

Anywho,much to my pleasent surprise yesterday wasn't the "arse reaming" day I expected on the work front,glass half empty IF I known that I'd have taken my track gear w/ me to work and hit Geasy Field on the way home for some repeats,glass half full I was in a position to knock out an easy 6 miler upon arriving home around 4.20pm.
Seldom one to look a gift horse in the mouth I took full advantage of this,my understanding was today will "piss out of the heavens" most/all day so today is probably shot but by notching a 6 miler yesterday I set myself up for a potential 5 day/40mpw.......providing I took full advantage of being off from work on Thursday & Friday and made sure I took care of business on the weekend.

Hard not to take advantage of 50 degree temps in the 4th week of December and w/ it only being a 6 miler I'd be out and back to Lloyd Hall and no time so there wasn't much need to sell myself on the idea on the way home from work.
Out the door just after 4.25pm any run in December that's sans ski hat and gloves is more than fine by me,although the soft drizzle made visability a bit of an issue.....but frankly if that was my biggest issue on the run or indeed for the day then I had it pretty much made didn't I???

Easy enough run,it's looking like repeats on the track Xmas Day providing the rain stops/eases off enough

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