Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Laugh,When The Cool Gets Cold

You laugh when the cool gets cold cry when the punchline's told fall into the arms of God pray that your soul's not sold
Change keeps us moving on all alone as you walk through the crowd live like your gonna lose some sleep trust like the air we breathe


Having dug deep to get the last five 1,000m repeats in on Saturday b4 a "grind em till you find em" long run on Sunday you can imagine my delight at the prospect of an easy 6 miler yesterday to kick off the week!!!!

Mild conditions when I set off a shade b4 4.20pm,in fact upon  my reurn home roughly an hour later there was still a final vestige of daylight which bodes well moving into the coming weeks,even if it's gonna get colder the deeper we get into Winter.
At 45 degrees I had little to complain about last nite....other than it being maybe the last time I see 45 degrees anytime soon.

Fingers crossed access to the track at Geasey Field on the way home tonite to end the year w/ 4x1mile repeats

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