Monday, December 22, 2014

Gotta Start Somewhere I Guess?

You  know I can't forget we have  fought before,I've seen inside your heart and I know it's breaking
We are hoping,yes and we're praying this time will be the last time that we will fight like this
This Time-Inxs

My hope of hitting the track twice this week went up in smoke along w/ any hope of having a 5day/40mpw due to work but rather than blow the whole week off I felt compelled to at least get one set of repeats in so come Saturday lunch time I was heading towards good old Geasy Field on Temple's campus to have at it over 4x1 mile.
Arriving there around 1.25pm the track was....not surprizingly deserted which suited me,conditions were grey and overcast but mild enough to strip down to 3/4 length bottoms.....even if I had to go w/ gloves due to being cursed w/ piss poor circulation,after two of the four repeats I probably could've shed the gloves but being of a superstitious nature when things are going well I tend not to mess w/ how things are going.

Following a mile warm up I changed into my racing flats and prepped for my first mile repeats of the new season.
Given it had been  since my last set of 4x1 mile repeats{I did 6x1 mile repeats on Nov 15th} on Aug 13th I wasn't sure what to expect,the feeling was 1.20-1.25 pace,nothing slower than 5.40 per mile would be a good start........

#1 mile
Not too shabby I felt,obviously I worried that opening lap of 1.17 may come back to bite me later on but all things considered.....

#2 mile
So far,so good,could I keep it going?

Cut it close on this one,1.29 almost upset the whole applecart,I knew at 4.19 at "the bell" I needed a 1.20 lap to stay inside 5.40 and duly delilvered.

#4 mile
Bouyed by the opening lap of 1.20 the pace dipped at 800m and 1,200m but fear not w/ 200m I "kicked like a mule" to close in 1.15,job done!

Overall I was pleased w/ the effort,granted these's a ton of work to be done as the season unfolds but to put things in prespective my opening 4x1 mile repeats this year on March 15th were only:
That in of its self gives me great satisfaction moving forward,fingers crossed my next date w/ 4x1 mile repeats on either Jan 6th or Jan 10th will be quicker.

Given the significance of the date Saturday December 20th maybe that's why there was a little fire in my soul......28 years ago Erica and I got married on this very day hence the Inxs "This Time" reference,sadly for me the line
I've seen you before,turn and walk away you say you won't come back it's a game anyway was NOT "art imitating life" and if I could have one "do over" in my life it would be my marriage......even IF I did believe in "Santa" I'm reasonably confident that's one wish he can't grant me.....more's the pity....

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