Friday, March 8, 2013

A League Of Our Own

Having dodged the "winter storm" that was scheduled to hit us on Wednesday I write this as the snow is falling on Friday morning,it remains to be seen how badly this effects my plans to run over the weekend,I had hoped to hit the track to get some much needed repeats under my belt but if this snow sticks the track may well be off limits,we'll just have to play this one by ear.

Any concerns I may slid back into bad habits this week were so far put to rest,forced to sit out Wednesday due to the wind and rain I then had a 3pm Spurs Europa League game yesterday afternoon on the schedule,it's not that long ago off the back of one day off I may've easily blown off my run in favour of the comfort of my recliner and watching the second half when I arrived home at 4pm,but in my continued efforts to get back into full blown training mode I set the dvr to record the whole game and upon arriving home just b4 4pm I got changed into my running clothes and right back out again clocking a 36 min 5 miler b4 enjoying a shower and then settling in to watch Spurs breeze past Inter Milan 3.0.
Spurs wins are always enjoyable.....but when I've gotten my run in prior to  them they're even more satisfying!!

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