Monday, March 4, 2013

Braggin' Rights

As I predicted my weekend unfolded as planned,Saturday was shot to shit by a twenty two hour day on Friday,as is my won't the first Friday of the month sees me at Club Fluid on 4th St w/ my fellow 80's lovers as we take up the dance floor for five hours,I think my running gives me an unfair advantage over the rest of the crowd as my cardio levels tend to outnumber the masses,but what really kicks my arse is the fact I'm up at 5.30am every weekday morning so by the time I crash out around 3.30am I'm toast.
Eventually clambering out of bed at 11.35am on Saturday morning I could tell this was shaping up for a FFFA for fuck all!! and I wasn't wrong!
If it hadn't been for the fact I was down to my last tea bag I may have never gotten out the door,somethings I can live w/out.....Tea is NOT one of them so I made my way up to Fresh Grocer,w/ hindsight it was for the best as Sunday was already busy to begin w/ w/out adding food shopping into the mix....

It wasn't my intention to be up at 7am yesterday....then again I hadn't planned to call it a day at 8pm on Saturday but there you go that's what happens when you're almost 50 and you throw a 22 hour day into the mix the day b4!!
After the all important first cup of tea of the day and catching the previous nites episode of "Ripper Street" that I'd slept through I was ready to run,it's been a while since I've gotten out on a Sunday morning at 9am but it's good practice for the upcoming weeks and months.
W/ hindsight I wish I'd thrown my gloves on as it was a bit brisker than I thought, I'm cursed w/ thin blood and piss poor circulation so more often than not when other runners are out there in running shirts and shorts I have to bundle up.
After 2 loops I got used to the tingling in my fingers....either that or frostbite had set in! but I completed my 5 loops and my 5/25 week.

A hot shower,another spot of Rosey Lea and breakfast b4 settling in for the important business of the day the North London derby between my beloved Spurs and arsenal,w/ all due respect to my Gooner buddies Eric and Dave.....COP THAT! 2.1 to Spurs and not only are we third in the Prem but 7 points ahead of our North London rivals,there are still 10 games to go in the season so no time for crowing but for now braggin' rights belong to the blue side of North London!


David said...

The pain of that defeat has lessened a little, but it has taken me till now to check in and front what you had to say!

kevin f forde said...

Well there's nothing like coming up short in a North London derby is there!!!