Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Like A Lion.......

It remains to be seen if the old adage"In like a Lion,out like a Lamb" will apply to this March,I do know it was "Brass Monkeys" out there yesterday morning at 5.40am waiting for the trolley to get to work......hey count yourselves lucky I went w/ the Millwall Lion and not a photo of a Brass Monkey freezing it's balls off!!!

Any good feelings I had gotten from my weekend were soon bludgeoned out of me as yesterdays workday sought to test my level of serenity,another old adage about how "music soothes the savage beast" was never more apt as Paul Young's "Secret Of Association" took the edge off on my lunch hour and then thanks to some Duran Duran via Spotify after lunch meant the urge to choke the living shit out of the next chav to test my patience was no longer front and center in my mind!!

It's been a while since I've been wound up like that period muchless faced w/ a run post work but it seemed like the ideal "tension buster".....however!!!
It's all well and good going off at 800m/mile pace....but when you've got a 5 miler on tap that logic??? for want of a better description tends to blow up in your face.
By loop #3 I was feeling the torid pace I'd set off at and for a brief moment I thought about a "get out of jail; free card" make today a 4 miler and then bump tomorrow upto 6 miles,WTF 10 miles over 2 days is 10 miles yeah??????
I think the word I was looking for was........BOLLOCKS!!!! I'd dug my own grave and now I had to deal w/ it,"don't do the crime if you can't do the time" they say so I gritted my teeth and saw it through,one thing I pride myself on is seeing it through to the bitter end even on a  day when it's all gone pear shaped and remarkably upon reaching the safe haven of home I discovered I'd somehow ran another 36 min time,I was expecting slower given how deep I was forced to dig over the final loop and "home straight" but somehow I'd started the week how I left off last week.....here's to a better work day and more even paced running this afternoon!!!

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