Monday, March 11, 2013

Mixed Results

A strange weekend,spring like temps,Daylight Savings,getting Morrissey tickets,Spurs losing and getting two 5 milers in to round out another 5/25 week.......
Sadly neither of my two runs included a track workout as I had hoped I may have to introduce midweek trips to a track to get my much needed speed work in,the plan was come April to up my 5/25 to 6/30 w/ 2 repeats anyway which would require a weekday sojurn to a track anyway so beginning this week I will look to introduce that into the mix now to get some interval work under my belt and also try and free up some of my downtime on the weekend which as the moment seems in short supply.

So  a week that kicked off w/ Brass Monkeys" temps and snow on Friday suddenly morphed into almost summer like temps over the weekend 54 degrees Saturday and 58 degrees yesterday which saw a welcome "three s's" shades,shortsleeves and shorts,it's been a while since that's been the norm but it was a welcome taste of what's to come.
Ditto for Daylight Savings,I was more than willing to lose an hours sleep yesterday morning secure in the knowledge that come 7pm it's still light out,another reminder that Winter is on it's way out.

So yeah a week after they went on sale I managed to snag Morrissey tickets for his upcoming Philly tour date on April 6th,I'll spare you the play by play from last Friday when tix went on sale and I couldn't access the website from work.....#$%, but I refused to be raped by the likes of StubHub etc for $29.50 tickets that were going for $74 on line so I bided my time and hit the Tower Theater box office on Saturday afternoon and got my lower balcony seat w/out breaking the bank or selling off a body part to do so,no doubt I'll be found waxing lyrical about the show on my new music blog http://Last Nite A DJ Saved My Life  after April 6th.

After a run of threeteen unbeaten games in the Premiership Spurs lost 3.2 at Liverpool{please no jokes about us being robbed,pickpocketed etc} which ended the weekend on a down note but you can't win them all,I was a Spurs fan when the sun came up and was still one when the sun went down,one loss does not change that.


Scott Brown said...

Hi Kevin

just checking in to see how you're doing. Good to see you're still at it after the funk you were in at the end of last year. But sorry to hear about the Spur's loss ;)

kevin f forde said...

Scott,delighted to hear from you,must confess while I was in my year end funk I tended not to read anyone elses blog so not sure how you're doing,hope all is well.