Monday, March 18, 2013

The Week That Wasn't!

We've all had them,one of those weeks when the shit well and truly hits the fan,and while I feel I'm still "slopping out" from last week here's hoping this week will allow me back into the ebb and flow of things.
Rather than saddle you w/ all the gory details of the shitefest that was last week let me just say there were a few days when a run would've seemed the ideal antidote to the shit storm I was confronting,Thursday saw me not for the first time and w/out a doubt not the last time doing my best Ricky Watters impression on the loading dock....."for who?for what??!!!" and they wonder why I have a stuffed Eyore on my pc in my's because I do ALL the donkey work around here!!!!!

Here's to a better week all around!!!

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