Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Calm b4 The Storm?

After the brouhaha that was Monday it was nice to have a day of tranquility at work yesterday which leant its self to a even  tempo 5 miler post work.
Of course life can never be that simple and straightforward and the weather people are calling for rain/and or snow tomorrow....GER!!!
Rain while not great,I can live w/ if I have sit for a day I still have enough leeway w/ my schedule to go 5/25 this week,Snow presents all manner of issues not least of all the potential for missing a day/days depending how much of it we get....if we get any at all just as I feel I've built momentum again.

While it's easy to slag off the weather people for getting it wrong  I have to confess to having a blind spot for Sheena Parveen the Channel 10 Philly NBC weather person,GOD DAMN SHE'S HOT!!!!
Normally I only check the weather if it's going to effect my ability to run the next day but since Sheena began doing the #10 weather I find myself checking the weather every day now,a bad day in my home is if Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz is doing the weather!!!

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