Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Can You Hear Me Now??!!

I was determined not to fall into the same trap as last week,I missed my window of opportunity on Monday due to the rain and often when I miss Monday it sets the tone for the rest of the week,I couldn't allow another week to get away from me so I was dressed and out the door by 4.20pm for my easy 5 miler around trusty Clark Park in the glorious sunshine,Spring officially arrives tomorrow....yea!

If I needed inspiration to run  I had it no thanks to those scum sucking sob's at Verizon,allow me to explain!
Back in late September I got a letter from them telling me they had suspended my account due to in their words"suspicious activity"on my account,when I inquired to the nature of this suspicious activity I was informed there were"several phone calls to the United Kingdom!!!!!!!!!!
After my pants had dried off I pointed out to "jobsworth" that I call my Mother every Sunday,my brother every other month and my sister periodically and in order to do so I had Overseas calling plan at 5 cents a minute,why hadn't these calls been taken care of as such........
According to Verizon,because my bill had been paid late they had shut down several of my services,and YET somehow when I got caught up on my bill they hadn't reset my Overseas calling plan.......I was lead to believe they expected me to do so!!!!!!!

Over the past few months there have been several terse phone calls between me and Verzion,me telling them they could whistle for the $600 plus in Internationals calls they'd coned me into, them citing these calls were my responsibility them trying to placate me by taking a couple of hundred bucks off the bill but the bottom line was they sent me a bill for $475 at the start of the month that I had no intention of paying......till they shut my phone off last week forcing me to cough up the $475....PISSED does NOT begin to sum up how I feel but I need a phone so congrats Verzion,I blinked you won.....go fuck yourselves!!!

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