Friday, March 1, 2013

The Three S's

Steady on! four for four this week and five in a row if you include Sunday,all signs indicate a return to the attitude I expect from myself.
I toyed w/ the notion of just taking it easy today....that lasted about thirty seconds as I made my way down Cedar Ave, given Saturday's run will come off the back of a twenty two hour day I figured that would be a better day to "go for a jolly" around Clark Park so I focused on trying to emulate what I've done thus far this week.

I know that reaching the full level of the three S's {Speed,Strength and Stamina} is still a few weeks off but w/ my conditioning slowly starting to return and my body getting used to the rigours of training day in,day out I can feel the slight improvement in my overall fitness and general attitude while out training,were in not for the fact this weekends calender is working against me I'd be off to Temple's track on the weekend to get some much needed repeats under my wheels but fingers crossed next weekend that'll happen as piece by piece the jigsaw continues to put its self together.

Having more or less negotiated all ten crossings of Chester Ave w/ little in the way of having to stop for on coming traffic I was stopped dead in my tracks at the light for 45th St and Baltimore Ave as I began the "home stretch"......passers by were no doubt curious to the pedestrian w/ an apparent case of tourette's syndrome cursing up a storm as he waited for a brake in traffic!!

36 mins,when Monday comes around it'll be interesting to see if I can continue to lower my times or just get into a 36 min groove,like I said the three S's are making there way back.....

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