Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Days Of Europa League & Champions League

Easy eight miler to keep things tickin' along,I had talked about the making my Tuesday 8 miler a tempo run around the Art Museum Loop and while that's still a possibility moving forwards it didn't happen yesterday due to the fact since Saturday Mr Sandman has been kickin' my arse!!!
I'm not sure if it's the dip in temperature and the cooler air knocking me out or somebody switching my Chicken for Turkey but either way yours truly has been falling asleep in the recliner every nite since Saturday so much so that Monday post 10 miler I had to fight to stay awake till 9pm b4 calling it a nite w/out prepping ny bag for work if I was going to hit the AML on the way home from work and frankly at 5.09 am when I answer the call of the alarm I have about 10 mins to get washed,dressed,take my vitamins and get out the door by 5.20am to catch the 5.39am trolley to Center City on was way to work so there was no time to do that yesterday,no biggie I settled for an easy out and back 8 miler in the hope that come next week the Boy Scout in me will make sure  I'll Be Prepared for a tempo run around the loop.

Uefa Champions League kicked off yesterday which for a soccer nut like moi is mana from heaven....even if I have to settle for Europa League for my beloved Spurs once again,between now and May the top clubs in Europe will go mano e mano to determine braggin' rights in  European club soccer which means today is a training day and why tomorrow is a rest day as Spurs begin our quest for "Glory Glory Nights" tomorrow in Serbia vs Partizan Belgrade and yours truly will be parked on the edge of his recliner for 90 mins kicking and heading every ball.....some rest day!!!

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