Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Welcome To The Richard Gough{Off}Season

W/ 5th Avenue Mile in the record books I can call time on my 2014 season......more or less!
As of yesterday the next 12 weeks will be my "off season" where I'll up my weekly milage from 40 mpw to 50mpw in the hope of getting a bit stronger heading into next season
In that 12 week period I have penciled in half a dozen cross country races to keep things ticking over I know from previous experience that if I go longer than 6 to 8 weeks w/out a race I begin to lose focus on my training which has a tendency to see me slacking off which I can ill afford to do if I'm going to take a crack at the 1,500m in Lyon next August at Masters Worlds.

The blueprint for 50mpw is 10 miles,8 miles,10 miles 6 miles of repeats w/ a mile warm up and mile cool down plus the Sunday long run of 14 miles but this weeks long run will have to be on Wednesday to allow me another run at Lehigh b4 Club Nationals Cross Country in December plus Paul Short on October 4th which is the kick off of my xc races,and next week I need to switch things up w/ the long run and repeats to allow me a trip to......shock horror!!! New York City but we'll get to that closer to the time,basically I have two weeks of uninterupted training b4 two weeks of racing.

Kicking things off last nite an easy 10 miler, after a week off I have to say the old legs felt fresh....let's see if I'm still singing from that hymn sheet come Sunday!!!
Conditions were as close to ideal as you could ask for,71 degrees sunny and mild as I set off at 4.30pm,i did notice brown leaves on the ground just as i made the turnaround at the 5 mile mark b4 the St Joe's boathouse on Kelly Dr which reminded me that Fall is a week away.
Since I wanted my {Jaffe} cake and eat it I kept  9 minute mile pace for the run allowing me to get 10 miles in  at 90 mins and thus allow me to be home by 6pm in time for "ESPN FC"......amazing what we'll use for motivation!!

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