Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Less Is More

Going the Joss Stone route I opted for the Less Is More mindset,having exercised my option for a rest day on Monday I began my three six milers for the week yesterday afternoon.
I toyed w/ the idea of making them eight milers but frankly at this stage of the season if I haven't put enough miles in since Jan 1st then there's a problem and anyways the whole point of a taper is less miles 3x6 miles plus my repeats on Sunday =22 miles will do for me,hoprfully that coupled w/ six days off from Saturdays repeats to the following Saturdays 5th Avenue Mile will see yours truly firing on all cylinders down famed 5th Avenue between 80th and 60th Streets

Another reason I'm glad I went w/ a six miler yesterday was the 90 degree temprature,trust me I was sweating like a you know what from the getgo at 4.30pm,after a milder than usual August September has kicked off on the steamy side....something to ponder next month when I start digging out the short sleeve running shirts!!!
Untill I take care care of the matter in hand{5th Avenue Mile} I can't begin to focus on my off season/xc season but it's out there waiting for me,I've given it some preliminary thought just as I've given my 2015 track season some thought and how I'll begin to prepare for that come Monday December 15th when I complete my off season/xc seson.....the legs might be resting but the mind keeps ticking over.....

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