Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Listen & Learn

Oh it's not as bad as it seems,oh it's not as crazy as my dreams alright I know that I can make it through,I have no doubts as I talk to you......but then again
Why don't you listen to your heart,listen to your heart
Listen- Stiff Little Fingers
When I called "time of death" on Sundays long run at mile 5 I couldn't help laugh at the symmetry as the last time I crapped out on a Sunday long run was Memorial Day at the start of Summer......

As I made the 5mile walk of shame home I had time to ponder several issues,even w/ last weeks 38 mile week and this weeks 33 miles I still logged 169 miles for the month,eclipsing the 168 miles I logged in June which may explain the feeling of leg weariness I've had of late.
As my former coach used to tell me "listen to what your body is telling you" and clearly what it's been telling me this weekend is that it's tired.
I hastily rewrote my schedule for this coming week,starting w/ a rest day on Monday no sence in "spinning my wheels" and since the last two weeks have seen me reduce my weekly mileage I feel another week of lower mileage won't go amiss,frankly I'm angry w/ myself for NOT factoring in a taper in the build up to 5th Avenue Mile that should've been an automatic but for whatever reason/reasons it didn't register untill the universe intervened,sometimes left to my own devices I'm my own worst enemy but what's done is done now and even though I've gotten to it the long way around a taper is happening w/ a series of 6 milers Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday b4 my final repeat b4 5th Avenue Mile.

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