Monday, September 8, 2014

Hotter Than July

The last thing I needed for my final workout b4 5th Avenue Mile was a subpar performance which is exactly what I got on Saturday,thanks in no small part to the Weather Gods who got one last laugh at my expense.
Maybe if I checked the local news at 6pm to cop the local weather instead of watching "ESPN FC"{#priorities} I'd have know Saturday was going to be hot as balls and maybe gotten up earlier to beat the heat,as it was when I got up at 8.15am it was already hot and humid and w/ hindsight I could've switched my track repeat to Sunday which ended up being much cooler but to have done so would have ate into my scheduled  six rest days b4 Saturdays race so either way I was damned if I do,damned if I don't and what I ended up w/ was a much slower mile time than I would've liked.

Arriving at an already hot and humid Geasey Field at 10.55am the only good thing about the heat was it kept the masses away so I at least had access to the inside lane for my final 2x150/4x400/Decathletes Mile.
Mile warm up taken care of I braced myself for my last crack at this version of the workout,come Monday December 15th when I resume track training mode there will be an amended version of this repeat in my weekly rotation,I'm dropping the 2x150s to go 4x400,mile,4x400m,mile but that's for another time
Last Saturday I went:24.00-23.56 for the 150s
for the 400s and
5.31.55 for the mile

Not much difference compared to last weeks splits and a far cry from the 22.61-22.83 or 22.88-22.79 I dropped back on  Aug 2nd and Aug 16th

If I could've held 67-68 second pace for all four I'd have been ok but clearly the heat off the track and the almost syrup like air quality was not conducive to such ambitions,all I could do now was see the workout through to it's completion

To be honest I was surprized to clock 1.24 for the opening 400m as I expected it to be slower but what I gained on merry go round I lost on the swings w/ 1.31-1.33 at 800m and 1,200m and while it'd would have been too easy to "mail it in" on the final lap I at least made an effort but frankly a 5.50.48 mile was NOT what I was looking for on my final mile b4 5th Avenue next Saturday.

Glass half full my  first four repeats of this workout were pretty soild and last week wasn't that shabby so I think I can cut myself some slack that my final workout didn't go to plan thanks to an unexpected blast of heat and humidity.
I won't be spending the week off leading upto 5th Avenue Mile second guessing myself on the back of one bad workout,taking a leaf out of Coach GP's playbook circa 07-09 "have faith in your training" I've put the work in all I can do now is relax and enjoy my week off from training but stay metally sharp so that when the gun goes off next Saturday I'm in the best possible position to run to the best of my ability and hope that's enough to earn me a third 5th Avenue Mile title.......

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