Monday, September 22, 2014

The Week That Wasn't And The Weekend That Was

So I guess I need to bring things upto speed,following Tuesdays 8 miler I ellected to sit out Wednesdays long run due to tightness in my left hamstring,normally I would have had the option of  taking care of business on Thursday.....however this particular Thursday there was the double whammy of not only the Spurs Europa League game in the afternoon but also a Stiff Little Fingers gig that nite at Underground Arts.
Take the SLF gig out of the equation and I could've gotten the run in but no point dvring the Spurs game if I'm not gonna see it till Friday at the earliest  not to mention having to try and avoid the score on tv/internet/social media so I sat it's off season afterall I can cut myself some slack can't I????

I was still feeling the effects of a 20 hour day from Thursdays SLF show when Saturday rolled around so much so that I blew off my track repeats.....I know I know,bad runner,shame shame!!!!,glass half empty NOT a habit I want to get into,glass half full the week was already gonna come up short so no need to beat myself up too much over it.
Sunday I did redeem myself by heading upto Lehigh University w/ half a dozen of the GPTCers to jog the Club Nationals 10k xc course again,I plan to be back there again in October and November so come Dec 13th and race day I should know the course like the back of my hand.

So I had to settle for a 3 day 28 mile week but in the general scheme of things I was  ok w/ that,given I was coming off of a 1 mile week the week b4 to leap to a 5 day 50mpw might've been a stretch too far so I'll consider this three day 28 mile week a stepping stone to hopefully a 5 day  50mpw this coming week.

The Stiff Little Fingers show was all that,when you've dug a band for 35 years to begin w/ that's pretty special,seeing them  still able to deliver the goods live and helping you relive those old memories from way back when is next to impossoble to put a price on and even if the 20 hour day kicked my butt on Friday it was well worth it.
Finally while I'm no movie critic I do wholeheartedly recomend "This Is Where I Leave You",the funniest movie I've seen in ages,my last foray to the cinema left me feeling cheated as the best bits of the movie were in the trailer which convinced me to see the movie but w/ "This Is Where I Leave You" I never stopped laughing.....two thumbs up!!!!

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