Friday, September 5, 2014

Postman Pat??? More Like Postman Pratt!!!

Final training run b4 5th Avenue Mile not including Saturdays repeats.
I was on the fence about doing this one,since I've switched from the lobby to the lawn on my lunch hour I'm not getting my "cat nap" at lunch and was nodding off on the trolley ride home to the point where the"do you really want to go out and run" voice began to get louder in my  head......upon getting through the front door I had all the incentive I needed to run.....and them some!!!!!!!

A couple of weeks back I began to upgrade my already extensive it must be said U2  collection,between 84 and 94 there was no other band for me and while my love of all things U2  waned between 94 and 14 they still not only remain an important band in my life but also the soundtrack of growing up so now that I had some disposable income at my disposal I thought it high time to not only fill in the missing cds/dvds from said collection but also upgrade as albums "Boy" thro "Acthung Baby" had all been reissued w/ a dics of bonus tracks......all of which I have but now there was the chance to have them all on one dics per cd not several as I had w/ cd singles.
The "Unforgettable Fire" and "Joshua Tree" both came as super deluxe reissues w/ bonus dvds in a nice boxed set,and while my "Unforgettable Fire" set arrived intact the same could not be said of my ''Joshua Tree" super deluxe yesterday........
As soon as I picked it up inside the front door I could see the tear in the jiffy bag it had been shipped in,I hoped for the best as I opened the jiffy bag but sure as shit the back of the box now looks like an accordion where "Postman Pratt" had obviously tried shoving it through the mailbox,it probably got stuck so he/she no doubt forced it through the mailbox hence the damage to the say I was PISSED was putting it mildly and frankly I needed to get out and run to blow off some considerable steam.......

Jesus christ if it didn't look like it would fit through the mailbox stick one of those "We tried to deliver" cards thro the mailbox and have me schleep over to the local sorting office to pick it up instead of just ruin the fucking box shoving it thro the mailbox which clearly didn't fit #shitforbrains
While the run did burn up some of the seething anger I harbored towards "Postman Pratt" the run its self wasn't w/out incident,while I might of been on my best behaviour Tuesday and Wednesday I was itching for an opportunity to spew some good old fashioned born again black hearted celtic pagan anti social commentary and didn't have to wait too long!!!!
Just after the turnaround at Lloyd Hall a trio of kids on bikes mistoook me for someone who was going to "cop a deaf one" to their childish comments,two things junior 1 I have tshirts in my closet that are older than you and 2 if the 50 year guy running is faster than the three kids on their bikes what's wrong w/ that picture???

Run over I surveyed the considerable damage to the box again,it looks fuckin hidious and frankly beyond repair but in the dvd rack where it'll sit it'll be harder to see....but I'll know it's there,let go and let God I guess but if you hear about a runner going postal on a mail carrier don't be surprized!!!!!!!

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