Tuesday, November 11, 2014

10 10 Till We Do It Again John

Having done what I needed to do last week it was time to do it all over again this week,hence the CB Radio reference.....I threw John in since CB Radio was very much an American thing when I first discovered it way back when,the obligatory John gave it a subtle Englishness.......

Another delightfully mild evening,64 degrees,I,m gonna ride this train as long as Mother Nature allows it.
I must've gotten a slightly earlier start than usual as there was still a last vestige of daylight over South West Philly as I made my way towards the South St bridge along the footpath.
After Saturdays "grind em till you find em" closing 4 miles I was happy to encounter smoother sailing this evening,running 10 milers doesn't hold much of a threat.....which is just as well since my next scheduled race on Nov 23rd is a XC 15K  in NYC at the Pete McCardle race at VCP.

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