Friday, November 21, 2014

Down,But Not Out

I sat out Wednesdays  scheduled run due to a combination of maybe paying for my bravardo on Tuesday and having a slightly questionable constitution,trust me these weren't the conditions to get x ammount of miles into the run only to discover you didn't have the chops to finish it so I sat it out.....and re rewrote my schedule!

Having logged 9 miles on Tuesday I now needed to go back to back 10 milers Thursday & Friday w/ an easy 6 miler on Saturday to put me at 35 miles going into Sundays 15k xc w/ a 3 mile warm up and a 3 mile cool down for 15 miles to round out a third week of 5 day/50mpw.
Mercifully conditions were much warmer than Tuesday,46 degrees compared to the 28 I ran in 48 hours prior.

I'm lead to believe things will be "brisk again" tomorrow when I tackle my second 10 miler....hey ho nobody said the road to the "promised land" was going to be easy,at least w/ the easy 6 on tap Saturday morning I can hopefully flush out any crap in my legs from back to back 10s b4 "going long" on Sunday as I not only tackle my longest ever xc race but also look to add another entry onto the GPTC club records.
Nobody has" had the balls" to do 15k xc so muchlike when I got the 10,000m record on the track back in 2011 and the 1,000m track record in January it's by default but a record is a record right?

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