Monday, November 10, 2014

The Little Engine That Could

I'm not gonna front,the last mile was as ugly as fuck but I nailed my 12 miler to at LONG last say I compleated a 5 day 50 mile to do it all over again this coming week!!!!
I've always said if Websters ever make a Picture Dictionary next to the word Unconventional you'll see my photo! this week was no exception to that.
IF this  week goes to plan{and lets face it that's a bleedin' big IF where muggins here is involved!!!} it would look like so:
Mon-10 miles
Tue-10 miles
Wed-8 miles
Sat -6x1 mile repeats{w/ mile warm up and cool down foa total of 8 miles}
Sun-14 miles
5 day 50 mile week a Conventional week.....
Last Week went as follows:
Mon-10 miles
Tue-10 miles
Wed-10 miles
Fri-8 miles
Sat-12 miles
5 day 50 mile week Unconventional week........
By hook or by crook yeah?

It's been a while Since I've ran on a Saturday for one reason or another but as I aim to "fall in line" w/ conventional training now it was good practice for what's about to come.
I wasn't phased by the 51 degrees temps,unlike Fridays 8 miler at 4.40pm I would at least have daylight on my side setting off at 12.20pm,in fact I was able to don my shades as the "current bun" was out in full force,in fact unlike Friday when I kept the sleeves of my long sleeved shirt down all run by mile 2 I was frantically rolling them up!!!

Given last weekend was the New York Marathon and I believe the Phily Marathon is coming up in another two weeks I figured there'd be other likeminded souls out there Saturday afternoon "getting their run on"....not that I was too concerned w/ other runners as this was all about me vs me.
Not only have I not compleated a 5 day week in several weeks I couldn't tell you when I last logged a 50 mile week or when I last ran above 10 miles so the only runner I needed to worry about was me and being able to "take care of business"
Reaching the turnaround b4 Falls Bridge I felt in good shape I reeled in one runner who'd gone by me in the opposite direction towards Lloyd Hall b4 I made the turn w/in half a mile and slowly set my sights the other who was some considerable distance ahead of me mindful of the mantra "not to get into any pissing contests" as I still  had 5 and 1/2 miles to go.
I did pass the runner ahead of me b4 I hit the 8 mile mark but now felt my knee lift and leg turnover "go south" on me,so much so that he over took me w/in quarter of a mile,I knew now I had to "hunker down" and dig deep both mentally and physically.

I felt the last 2 miles were going to be the test as I haven't been over 10 miles since pre 5th Avenue Mile training in early September,the uphill along the ramp to South St bridge was my first challenge which I passed but when I couldn't muster the chops to beat the light at the corner of the on/off ramp from I 76 and was forced to wait as the lights went through their sequences I dreaded to think what that stop had cost me....thankfully I was able to get going again as the light turned to my favour.
Over the next mile and and half I had to "mentally barter" w/ myself mile and a half,mile,10 blocks 9 blocks etc as reached my front door,knackered but victotious.
W/ that Monkey off my back,which after going 0 for 6 was feeling like bleedin' King Kong...I now have to do it again this week...and the week after.....but w/ one on the plus side I hope if not physically but mentally I've goten over that hurdle

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