Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank You

Another 10 miler in the books,come December 15th the 10 miler will be replaced by 6 or 8 milers as I reduce my weekly milage back to 40mpw so I'm making the most of these treks out and back along Kelly Drive to just b4  St Joe's boathouse.
Another remarkably mild evening,according to trusty old Peco Tower 68 degrees at one point b4 dipping to 65,even at 65 degs in almost mid November you can't be too unhappy.....but I treat these days as each one might just be the last because sooner or later they will be.....and judging from the 7 day forecast those days are about to become sooner not later!!!!

Friday,Saturday,Sunday and Monday  right now are only predicted to reach 44 and 46 degrees....that could change between now and either direction......let's just say Saturdays scheduled 6x1 mile repeats and Sundays scheduled 14 mile run will probably both get done mid morning/lunchtime and NOT first thing!!!

It would be remiss of me not to acknowlege yesterday being Veteran's Day here in American and Armistice Day when we honour those who fought and died in World War, growing up as a kid I can still remember the War Memorial statue opposite Lewisham Hospital about quarter of a mile up the road from where I grew up and the wreaths of Poppies that were laid there every Memorial Day.

On Sting's debut album "Dream Of The Blue Turtles" in 1985 we wrote a song called "Children's Crusade" which I always loved,I later discovered it was Sting's tribute to those brave men who fought and died to protect our freedom in that war.......

Young men,soilder,Nineteen Fourteen marching through countries they'd never seen
Virgins w/ rifles,a game of charades all for a Children's Crusade
Pawns in the game are not victimss of chance,strewn on the fields of Belgium and France
Poppies for young men,death's bitter trade,all of those young lives betrayed
The children of England would never be slaves,they're trapped on the wire and dying in waves
The flower of England face down in the mud and stained in the blood of a whole generation

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