Thursday, November 13, 2014

Goodbye 50.....And Maybe 60's???

Easy 8 miler as I bid a fond farewell to running as a 50 year old,by the time I next "lace em up" on Saturday either on the track doing 6x1 mile repeats or another easy 8 I'll have turned 51
In terms of running turning 50 worked out well for me a new age group gave me the running version of a "mulligan" if you like and also helped me refocus and rededicate myself to my running,as for life.....ah same old same ole I'm sorry to say,any thoughts,hopes,dreams I had that" things would be different" in my 50s didn't materialize yet.....still another nine years I guess he said trying to look at the glass half full....

At 61 degrees I also think I'm saying goodbye to the warmer's probably a good thing I recently ordered an Under Armour half zip running jacket cos I got a feeling come the weekend I'm gonna need it!!!

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