Monday, November 17, 2014

Money I'm Telling You It's The Shoes!!!

I had hoped to post a picture of my brand new Saucony Shay XC 4 running flats that I broke in on Saturday over my 6x1 mile repeats but for some reason admin is not allowing me to save pictures so you'll have to do w/ a picture of Kay Murray one of the hosts of "Express Xtra" on Bein Sports who let's face it is WAY hotter than any picture of running shoes......and trust me I'm saving my sultry picture of Ms Murray for another'll be worth the wait....Scout's honour!!!!

So after a 10 week hiatus from the track it was back to my old friend armed w/ said new flats and my new Under Armour Spurs half zip  shirt I braved the considerably cooler temps at 1.30pm,I'd deliberetely pushed back my start time to try and have warmer conditions to work out in warmer conditions,in a week that had seen me run at 5.30pm when it was in the low 60s temps had now plundered some 20 degrees I think the high for Saturday was gonna be between 40 and 42,maybe 44 degs.......welcome to Fall.
Following a mile mile warm up on what should come as no major surprise was a next to deserted track at Geasey Field on the Temple campus it was have at it time,6x1 mile repeats,why 6? w/ a  15k and 10k xc race on my schedule in the upcoming weeks I felt 6x1 mile repeats was the way to go,fer not come December 15th and the start of track season it will be back to the tried and tested 4x1 mile repeats.
The goal,albeit a modest one was to keep all 6 repeats under 6 mins since that's the goal at Pete McCardle 15k and Club Nationals 10k......

#1 mile
Not too shabby obvously I only needed to keep things under 1.30 per lap which is a modest target but at times 6 plus being my first repeats in  10 weeks I wasn't sure what to expect of myself

#2 mile
An 11  second drop but still "playing w/ house money" and a 21 second cushion

#3 mile
That old chestnut of laps 2&3 being the slow laps was in full effect but I have weeks/months to work on that

#4 mile
Venturing into the unknown now above a 4th mile but still keeping my head above water so to speak

Creeping closer to the edge,did I have the legs for one last repeat at sub 6????

#6 mile
A little bummed to see that 1.31 creep in but pleased w/ the response.

All in all not too shabby,I have races the next two weeks so it'll be Dec 6th b4 I tackle 6x1 mile repeats again,let's see if I can improve on these splits.

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