Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Brass Monkeys,Polar Bears & Penguins

First real test of my Fall training a severe dip in the temps,it was below freezing most of if not all day and it's one thing I've gotta freeze my nads off all day out on the loading dock but then I've gotta go out and run ...not sure there was room for my "big boy pants" w/ all my other layers of clothing but  this was not a day for the faint of heart or bereft of "bottle" you wanna dance Mother Nature??? let's fucking dance!!!!

Dressed to the nines w/ regular socks,thermal sock,.3/4 length tights,warm up bottoms,running shirt,half zip jacket,heavy duty hoddie,thermal gloves and thermal ski hat I was out the door by 4.17pm and frankly that was always going to be the hardest part,once I'd gotten out the door the rest was frankly gravy....ah warm gravy....!!!!!!
I was pleasently surprised to see other runners out in this,not that I thought for one second I'd be the only one demented enough to tangle w/ Mother Nature but it's always uplifting to come across "other members of your tribe" who refuse to yeild to the conditions #respect

Initially the plan was 10 miles but when I reached 3 and 3/4 miles at Kelly Dr and Spring Garden bridge I got a face full of arctic wind,you know those mimes you see doing that "walk against the wind" shit that's what I felt like trying to run northbound on Kelly Dr......another mile and a quarter of this.....fuck off!!!
A quick recalibration of my 4 day 35 mile tally from 10 10 7.5 7.5  and I came up w/ 9 9 9 8...I could still front load the week and taper down to Sundays race,just my luck  to have two days of below freezing temps when I didn't have the "wiggle room" to  move my schedule around.

Remarkably after making the turnaround at 4.5 miles just b4 Columbia bridge the wind had died down.....either that or my face was too frozen to notice the difference!!!! 4.5 down,4.5 to go and don't spare the horses!!!
Even w/ thermal gloves on my finger tips were starting to go numb w/ about two miles cold was it out there????? well let's just say trusty Peco Tower which normally gives time and temprature after 5pm wasn't on display,I had visions of "It's whore's heart cold" in large letters on the electronic display as I braced myself for the final mile and  three quarters upon reaching South Street bridge!!!!

A hot shower and a hot mug of Apple Cider helped take the edge off post run,according to #10 News it was now 28 degrees at 6.05pm to quote the old Lipton Iced Tea commercials "that's brisk baby"....
let's see what tonite brings....

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