Monday, March 30, 2015

Back To Back

It was never going to be ideal having to do back to back repeats but having gotten screwed on Wednesday when I arrived at Geasey Field and not being in a position to reschedule them on Thursday I was looking at a repeat at Roxboro on Friday,going long on Saturday b4 going back to the track on Sunday for my short repeats......not exactly uber apealing if I'm being honest so I scrapped that notion and said back to back repeats Saturday and Sunday.....the lesser of two evils I guess?

Conditions weren't any better on Sunday than twenty fours earlier although at least the sun was out and the omnipresent wind on the back straight at Geasey Field had died down a little but would be an issue on repeats #1 #3 #5 and #7
Unlike the last time I did 8x200m Feb 28th I wouldn't have to double back on myself on the back straight this time I could do the more convenional anti clockwise loop
Last time out which was also my debut for this repeat {8x200m w/ 45 second recoveries} I went:
What did I have this time out?
Following my mile and a half warm up it was time to find out...........

When all the blood and oxygen had returned to their rightful places post workout I discovered my plus/minus on this repeat was minus 1.....go me!!!
Like I said back to back repeats was never going to be ideal but it seemed like a cross worth bearing{early Easter reference thrown in at no extra're welcome!!} as I really didn't want to kick off my opening week of Outdoor season w/ only one repeat{the plan is for the seven weeks leading up to my 2015 Outdoor opener on May 11th at 5 day/40mpw w/ 2 repeats per week one long,one short} and for that reason alone I was willing to do back to back a day or two my screaming calves will forgive me......he said hopfully!!!!

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