Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Road To Lyon* Starts Here

*Via Swarthmore,Randalls Island,Ft Washington & Jacksonvile
W/ my two Indoor National silver medals hung up on the wall w/ the rest of my collection and the proverbial ink dry on my blog entries it was time to put the Indoor season behind me and focus on all things outdoors.
Granted Worlds in Lyon won' t be till mid August but as is my won't rather than look at things in linear terms I brake it down into weeks,7 weeks till my first outdoor race of the season,then five weeks to a spate of three races in 10 days b4 a four week span till Outdoor Nationals,followed by another three weeks till Worlds.

W/ that in mind I kicked off the first phase of my outdoor season w/ back to back 8 milers out and back along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Dr on Monday & Tuesday.
According to the calander Friday saw the start of Spring......tell that to the people who sat on the runway at Philly international airport for almost five hours due to the snow trying to get to Greensboro.....
At least the sun was out both days,the irony of Mondays run at lunch time was  had I ran at my usual time of 4.20pm it would have been warmer,double irony being when I ran at my regular time on Tuesday it was a tad nippy,I'm glad bravardo didn't take over and see me go sans half zip as I might have come unstuck if I had.

I'm looking at seven weeks of hopefully uninterupted training,5 day/40 mpw w/ two repeats per week along w/ two 8 milers and a Sunday long run of 14 miles to set me up for Swarthmore on May 11th just to see where I'm at,based off of a 4.50 indoor mile I should be good  for at least a 4.32 1,500m......although faster would be better.....I guess that's up to me to make that happen.

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