Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

An easy/recovery 8 miler out and back along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive.
After a couple of chilly days on the track over the weekend it was nice to be able to ditch the trusty Under Armour Spurs half for once,how long it stays hung up remains to be seen......if tomorrows forecast is to be belived I'll need to throw it into my back pack when I head over to Roxboro for my 8x800m repeats......but we'll worry about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here.
 56 degrees and sunny.....my god it actually feels like Spring  for once.....long may that continue!

On the road by 4.30pm it was quite noticeable the higher volume of runners out on the Schuylkill Banks  but I can't knock people for that,I got out in the crap weather cos I had to,not always because I wanted to.
Off of back to back repeats my calves were  a little tender but since this was an easy/recovery run I didn't forsee any more  stress being put on said calves.
Reached the turnaround in 37 something,couldn't make out the seconds on my stopwatch but wasn't too overly concerned at 37 something I was on pace for a 1.14 time.

Given this was a run that was taking 1.20 not so long ago there is a concern I'm pushing the pace on an easy/recovery run a tad more than I need to.....that said these 1.14/1.13 runs feel effortless I don't feel I'm digging deep into my reserves to do them.....providing I hit the track for my 8x800m tomorrow I'll know if I over extended myself or not.
Based on my 6 and 7 mile splits I felt a 1.13 time was there for the taking and it was,1.13.26.....3 seconds down on last Tuesdays time of 1.13.23,since "time" isn't really the issue here I  have no right to be pissy about a three second deficit......till next time out!!!!

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