Monday, March 30, 2015

Been A Long Time Since I Went Long

I hadn't conducted my "bread and butter" 4x1 mile repeats since Jan 31st so it was always going to be a bit of a shock to the system period today but also factoring in a now reduced recoveries to three minutes from four minutes I didn't have high expectations of running faster than I did back on Jan 31st
It was probably warmer on Jan 31st than it was on Saturday......fackin ada!!! it's meant to be Spring but you wouldn't know it on Saturday hence why I waited till lunch time to venture over to Geasey Field so at least the temps were above freezing when I gotb there at roughly 12.15pm.....surfice to say the track was more or less empty.....although rather ominously the Special Olympic group who were on the track on Saturdays last year were back,today wasn't an issue but we both know it's only a matter of time b4 it becomes an issue w/ the inside lane bad enough I'm looking at schleeping out to Roxboro on weekdays till May for my longer repeats but I may have blow out Temple on Saturdays for my shorter repeats if the inside lane becomes an issue.

"Mile" warm up  and I do mean a was brought to my attention a while back I've been actually doing 1,600m not the mile so since then anything above 800m in a workout or warm up or cool down has seen me move back my start the requisit nine yards to have the whole mile and not 1,600m.....can't very well sign up  for "Bring Back The Mile" online and then run 1,600s!!!!!

#1 mile
To be 100% honest I had no real idea what to expect from this workout,basically all three of my "long" repeats are kind of "throw Linguine at the wall and see what sticks" b4 hoping for better in the coming weeks,that said 5.35 is slower than I was running in January

#2 mile
Same old same old good opening and closing 400s w/ work to be done on he middle 800m.

#3 mile
If nothing else I was consistant dropping 5 seconds per mile,could i muster a big finale???

#4 mile
Can't say I was too thrilled w/ an opening 400 of 1.28,and clearly I need to eliminate those 1.30s but anytime the 20th and final 400 is a 1.14 isn't a bad day!!!

W/ hindsight.....which we all know is a wonderful thing maybe the reason I was found wanting in the final 200m of 4 of my final 5 Indoor races was the fact I swopped strength for speed for the final weeks of my training it would be a better explaination of why my times were slower today from eight weeks ago,I can't imagine cutting a minute off my recovery would have that much of an effect.
IF that was the case I don't forsee it being an issue going forward as the plan is to combine longer repeats{4x1 mile,8x800m 4x400m/mile x2} w/ the shorter repeats w/ less recoveries I began in Febuary throughout the Outdoor season.....

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