Friday, March 20, 2015

Indoor Nationals A Brief History

Boston 07        Mile  DNF
                       800m 4th* 2.04.99
The DNF in the mile was my first and sofar only ever DNF I didn't realize how sick I was untill that race,w/ 2 laps to go in 6th I stepped off the track,anyone who's ever DNF'd knows what a shite feeling that is
20 hours later I redemed myself in the 800m,my 4th place was worthy of a bronze thanks to a Canadien runner who finished 2nd...."Oh Canada"indeed!!!

Boston 08       3,000m 11th 10.01.65
                         800m 8th 2.12.08
Lesson learnt here,NEVER go to a National  Championship less than 100%,in fairness coming eight weeks after the cast on my left foot had been removed{stress fracture} I thought I could run,I could...just not very fast!!

Landover 09
                     Mile 3rd 4.34.23
                      800m 3rd 2.02.64
                      4x400m 1st 3.46.75
A pair of hard fought bronzes b4 my {to date only}Indoor National gold,little did I know my entire season had peaked in late March as  my right achilles tendon went on me thus sticking a fork in the entire outdoor season.......BOO HISS!!!!

Boston 10
               3,000m 2nd 9.11.42
               Mile 3rd 4.38.1
               800m 3rd 2.04.2
The year of "Iron Man" I also trebled in Sacramento at Outdoor Nationals {5,000m,800m,1,500m} b4 winning the first Greater Philadelphia Track Club Track Pentathlon{3,000m 400m,200m,1,500m,800m}

Albuquerque 11
Did Not Compete

Bloomington 12
                       3,000m 6th 9.40.48
                       Mile 3rd 4.42.4
A mixed bag,sunk w/out trace in the 3k never to tackle another one since,no Gold at the end of my rainbow in the mile on St Paddy's Day but was pleased w/ my bronze.

Landover 13
Did Not Compete

Boston 14
Did Not Compete

Winston Salem 15
                          Mile ?????
                         800m ?????
Tomorrow not only marks my return to Indoor Nationals after sitting out the last two and three of the last four but Sunday sees my first Indoor Nationals 800m in five years,let's see if i can add to my tally of 1 silver and six bronze medals,and can I FINALLY win an Indoor National Championship????

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