Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Evidently,I Don't Like Mondays

Aside from Monday January 26th when I happened to be off after my trip to Ithaca for the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile I hadn't ran on a Monday since Jan19th six weeks ago.
Some of this was weather related,Mondays often being the worst day of the week so it was easier to sit it out and get my workouts in Tuesday through Thursday,however in order for me to have my New York Cheesecake and eat it this week I needed to kick the week off on Monday......it just so happened the weather was for once on my side.....although somewhat ominously Monday could be the last of the good weather days this week #wehavetowaitandsee.

Sunny and 39 degrees was a runners dream,it's prehaps recent force of habit that lead me to stick w/ ski hat and gloves,I could've ditched both I'm sure but I suspect the week will see me need to keep both close at hand......and head!
Out just after 4.20pm w/ only 30 miles on tap this week and a repeat and race in the mix I was looking at a series of 8,8 and 6 Monday hopefully  through Thursday w/ a repeat thrown in on Wednesday.....like I said this is all based on weather conditions being favourable,while it wouldn't be the end of the world to have to run on Saturday I'm hoping to have the day off prior to Sundays 800m race at The Armory.....even if it means having to run on Friday......I know,running Mondays AND Fridays......what will the Running Gods make of that?????

For the most part conditions underfoot were good,the odd patch along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Dr b4 the turnaround at the mile marker just after Girard Ave Bridge were slick which required slowing to a near walk but w/ Indoor Nationals a mere 18 days away now is NOT the time to throw caution to the wind.
I reached the turnaround in a semi respectable 38.52,time was neither here nor there but since I signed up online w/ Daily Mile I've been tracking my times,it also helps me gauge where I'm at compared to earlier in the year,based on "feel" and the reduction of  my times I'd say I'm in good shape.

W/ another run on tap today{hopefully if the weather cooporates!} there was no need to crank it up over the indound leg however I must've had the wind at my back as based on my halfway split of 38.52 I was looking at a 1.17.04 which would've been respectable enough,however I clocked 1.16.33 a negative split of 38.52-36.24 a 2.28 improvement.....w/ the clocks about to "spring forward" Sunday it's not like I'm rushing home to beat Sunset......Spring is almost here......maybe we could let the Weather Gods and Old Man Winter and Mother Nature in on that fact!

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