Friday, March 13, 2015

The Mighty Four

So, little bit of catch up here,Monday,Wednesday and Thursday were easy/recovery four milers out and back to the end of the Schuylkill footpath.
Monday was my easiest run by far,reflected in my 40.02 time,no point going "balls out" w/ a race on tap Tuesday nite right?

Wednesday was notable for the spike in temps,a whopping 55 degrees the warmest day of the year to date hence marked by the return  of the trusty bandana, two days late I hasten to add,Mondays run was highlighted by the return of yours truly doing his best "Popeye" impression as the sweat was rolling off my head and into my eyes.
While not yet "Three S's" weather {shorts,shades,sleeveless} it was close,Shades,Short Sleeves and Three quarter length shorts and maybe this coupled w/ a disappointing race Tuesday nite at The Armory and being able to run at 1pm as oppossed to 4.30pm lead to a quicker time than Monday 37.19.

This brings us upto date w/ last nites same 4 mile run only this time at it's more regularly scheduled 4.30pm as I didn't have the luxury of the day off.
Conditions were in the 50s again and while time wasn't an issue I somehow managed to shave another few minutes off my time w/ a 35.40 2.19 quicker.

For those of you keeping score at home that's four runs this week at 16 miles so only one more  four miler on tap over the weekend,ever the Boy Scout {Dib,Dib,Dib!!!}I looked ahead at the weekend forecast and saw rain predicted which was why I threw in another 4 miler yesterday,Sunday looks like it'll be ok so I'll make a sojurn over to trusty Geasey Field for one final repeat b4 next weekends Indoor Nationals in Winston Salem.

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