Monday, March 16, 2015

The Lesser Of Two Evils

Ever the Boy Scout {Dib,Dib,Dib!!!} I'd done my homework w/ the weather forecast{shame I wasn't so proactive w/ my homework in my High School years!!!!!!}Saturday was a wash out so I threw in an extra 4 miler on Thursday to leave Sunday free to see out the 5 day/20 mile week w/ a final visit to the track b4 Indoor Natonals for one last repeat.

I arrived at a grey and overcast but dry Geasey Field at 11am,thankfully unlike my last visit on  Feb 28th the Northeast Philly Rough Riders hadn't shown up and decamped half way down the home straight and dummped their bags in lanes 1and 2 so I'd pretty much have the track to myself....what a novel actual run on a running track......I know it's mind blowing isn't it!!!.
Mile warm up it was time to revisit the 5x200m/4x300m/3x200m repeat from Feb 11th which went:
31.81- 31.76 -32.54- 32.33 -33.14
50.59- 51.18- 52.61- 52.46
33.68 -33.68- 32.71

30.19- 30.94- 32.60- 33.00- 34.01
W/ hindsight I wish I'd began my 200s at the top of the back straight as oppossed to the start/finish on the home straight as it meant 200s #1 #3 and #5 were all into a strong headwind on the back straight....however worse was to come.....

50.64- 52.64- 52.53- 54.34
Foolishly I began the 300s at the top of the home straight where as if I'd backed them up 100m to the 200m start I could've finished at the foot of the back straight,the difference being after 150m I now had to battle a stiff head wind in the final 150m,I felt like one of those mimes running against the wind....

34.54- 34.08- 34.97
I'd given it all I could but sadly the wind had taken it's toll.oh for the same workout on an Indoor Track!

Collectivly I was seven seconds slower than Feb 11th which is always a bummer period but also w/ this being my final pre Indoor Nationals repeat I would have preferred a more positive result but I'd rather have fallen on my sword and gone down swinging than played safe and picked an easier repeat or not done a repeat at all and just ran an easy 4 miler.....let's hope my honour is rewarded next weekend.

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