Monday, March 2, 2015

Then There Were Three

By the numbers on Saturday,three weeks till Indoor Nationals,three more repeats and two more races.
As has been my won't during the Winter{which also happens to end in three weeks time!!!}I waited till lunch time to hit Temple's Geasey Field for my repeats,w/ the temps only hitting a high of 27 today it felt prudent to wait till 1pm to do so.
I've been reasonably lucky w/ track access up till now this Winter but Saturday my luck expired.
About a dozen and a half would be footballer elected to "decamp" half was down the home straight more or less across all eight lanes w/ assorted bags being left in lanes and and two......
Given I was completely outnumbered by them there didn't seem to be much point trying to appeal to their good nature to move,they weren't catching the hint each time I had to naviagate my way past them on my warm up mile nor were they willing to move to accocodate the four other runners who'd foolishly shown up at a running track to actually run......I know what were we thinking!!!!

To make the best of a bad situation I scrapped my plans to run a 5x200m/4x300m/3x200m repeat and went w/ 8x200m repeats...even if it meant using the back straight,turning around and running back to the start for each 200m rather than continue in a more conventional counter clockwise fashion......I guess you do what you have to do when confronted by a situation like mine.
Given this was my first 8x200m repeat w/ 45 second recoveries I had no idea what to expect,it wasn't helped any that repeats #2,#4,#6 and #8 had to begin on the straight and finish on the turn but for the record I went:31.18-33.90-33.16-33.70-34.54-34.16-35.52-34.11

Here's hoping whenever I next conduct these repeats post Indoor Nationals I'll be able to do them in a more conventional manner

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