Friday, February 27, 2015

Frozen....The Non Disney,Not So Cute Version

One of the things that gets me through a lung busting repeat session on the track is the knowledge that the following day is a recovery run,which means irrigardless of distance 4,6,8,9 miles I'll be running it at a slow reasonable pace.
So as I prepared myself for yesterdays  9 mile recovery run out and back along the Schuylkill on Kelly Drive I did so in the knowledge that w/ my taper beginning this week this would be my last 9 miler along the Schuylkill footpath and Schuykill Banks and Kelly Dr for sometime,the post Nationals pre outdoor training gets underway on March 23rd/24th so I'm sure my treks out to Colombia Bridge will be resumed shortly thereafter.

After Tuesdays bone chilling 23 degrees for the same run I was releaved to see 31 degrees on trusty old Peco Tower after 5pm as I made may way south along the Schuylkill Banks on the inbound section of the run,31 is far from "tropical" I grant you but after 23 degrees on Tuesday it felt like running on a beach in Bermuda trust me!!

I would imagine in Bermuda the only time the word frozen gets used is when the  movie is mentioned or one is ordering  a Frozen Daiquiri poolside but I must say to see the whole Schuylkill River frozen over is somewhat unique.
Between this winter and last years "Polar Vortex" seeing the Schuylkill frozen over isn't the "once  in a blue moon" thing it once was,I recall several years ago on a Sunday long run  around the Art Museum Loop" spotting an intrepid/foolhardy soul ice sking out on the frozen river by the Spring Garden bridge,it probably is thick  enough to get away w/ it this time around but I don't see anyone willing to try it,#letsnotandsaywedid

Thankfully Wednesdays above freezing temps allowed for the melt/thaw I had hoped for along the Schuylkill footpath and more importantly on/off ramp at South St bridge,the ramp is no longer a glacier "slip and slid" thank fuck,I still can't believe the city didn't treat it w/ rock salt...or that some wide eyed opportunist didn't "fall" and "Lawyer Up".......yeah I'm the only one who went there???!!!!

For the "shutterbug" enthusiasts amongs you I'd recomend a trip along the Schuylkill this weekend to capture on film the rare sight of said Schuylkill being frozen over,as we enter March I'd like to believe we're heading out of the worst "Old Man Winter" can throw at us and when no doubt this summer we're bitchin' to high heaven about the heat a photographic reminder of this Winter might help keep things in prespective......

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