Monday, February 2, 2015

You Lead,I'll Follow

If at the start of the week you'd have told me I'd be going into Sunday only needing a 14 mile long run to complete a 5 day 40mpw I'd have had a giggle.....and yet here I was on Sunday morning w/ said Sunday long run away from such a week.....take that weather forecast!!!

After a two week hitaus from the Sunday long run due to freezing rain and a 7.5 hours bus ride from Ithaca it was time to renew myself w/ the 14 least today I'd have company as Steve and I arranged to run together again.
It's funny how we both have target races coming up in seven weeks time,for Steve the Ceaser Rodney Half Marathon for me Indoor Nationals in Winston Salem and while a 14 miler plays more to Steve's strength I need it to help round out my 40mpw so it's a good distance for us both.

Conditions were sunny and  reasonably warm at 10am when we met up on the corner of 50th & Cedar and plotted our route,as I've said b4 running w/ Steve is kind of like running w/ a human GPS, he has an incredible knowledge of the surrounding neighbourhood and todays run took us through University of Penn's campus,Mantua,passed the Philadelphia Zoo,into Fairmount Park and out into West Philly b4 working our way back to an old stomping ground of mine Cobbs Creek Parkway b4 eventually back into University City and home.

As much as I enjoy the tried and tested Art Museum Loop a change of pace and scenery never hurts so I was happy to follow Steves lead as we made our way through the surrounding neighbourhoods keeping a reasonable 8.11 pace as I eventully returned home in 1.55.55.
The miles seemed to fly by,maybe the route being new to me helped but whatever it was it didn't feel like a grind which the Sunday long run can feel like sometimes especially on your lonesome.

So I'm back to the Kev tested,Kev approved 5 day/40mpw training week,for the record Saturdays 6 miles rounded me out at 143 miles for January,hopefully todays 14 miles starts me off on a good run for Febuary,as for the coming week the weather could hold all the cards but I'm hoping next Sunday I'm looking at another Sunday long run to round out another 5 day/40 mile week w/ a race at The Armory on Thursday{1,000m} and 4x400m/mile/4x400m/mile repeats on Saturday.

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