Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eight{Times 800m} Is Enough

Through no fault of my own I'd hadn't conducted 8x800m repeats in almost  six weeks,Xmas Day to be exact.
In my defence I will point out I did give it the "old collage try" on Jan 6th but whilst ankle deep in falling snow I had to conceed defeat half way through the 4th 800m and finished up the workout w/ 400s,then between my race schedule and the Winter it's been no go untill now.

Arriving at Geasey Field just b4 3.50pm I marvelled at how the warmer weather had brought out more people to the track than both my repeats last Wednesday and Saturday combined that said I more or less had lane 1 to myself and when I did have to swing by someone in lane 1 it felt like good overtaking practice.
Unlike last weeks oversight when I forgot to pack shades in my running bag I made sure they were there,at 40 degrees w/ brilliant sunshine they were needed.

Last time out on 12.25 I went:
So this time around I was aiming for 2.35 and under........

#1 800m
For once I didn't go out bat shit crazy on the opening lap of a repeat,in fact my opening 1.19 would prove to be my slowest split of the session......

#2 800m
After weeks of  4x1 mile and 4x400/mile x2 800s were feeling easier

#3 800m
Gotta say was loving the negative splits!!!!

#4 800m
Halfway home and feeling comfortable

#5 800m
Just loving these 1.15 splits!!!!

#6 800m
C'mon two more to go!

#7 800m
Prehaps not a total surprise to see a 1.18 creep in but the fact I'd been able to keep it at bay till #7 a feather in my running cap

#8 800m
Nailed it!

All in all a good workout,while I'm still simmering from tomorrows race being 86ed from the schedule this was the best revenge I could ask for.
W/ a very important 800m race next up on my schedule on Feb 19th this performance gave me a lot of imputus going forward and hopefully my three schdeuled repeats between now and then will have me in great 800m race shape.

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